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Cakirbay Textile

Since 1993, Çakırbay Textile has been producing regenerated yarn with open-end system in textile sector. Our company provides service to its customers with a monthly production capacity of 650 tons in two separate production facilities in a closed area of 15000 m2.

PRODUCTS: In our company, regenerated linen polyester yarn and regenerated linen viscose yarn between Ne 3/1 and Ne 16/1, cotton between Ne 2.5/1 and Ne 16/1, polyester blended yarn in various colors and Ne 2/12 – Ne 13/16 Twisted yarn production is carried out.

PRODUCTION: The production process of the yarns produced in our company and the machines we use.


Our Mission

Areas in which we operate by developing innovative applications and using the highest level of technology to create profitable companies in national and international space-efficient and be one of the most important actors that shape the economy of Turkey.

To be a pioneer group that aims to increase its targets with each passing day and to provide services to a wider audience by contributing positively to the society and the environment by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront without sacrificing quality in its products and services.


Our Vision

To make new investments with high added value by making a difference in all areas where we take place without compromising our values and to become the leader in the sectors in our countries.