Cakirbay Textile

as our human resources policy; With our customer-oriented approach, we can define the right people to put in the right job, to select high potentials in our company, to provide them both personal and professional development, to evaluate their personal performance with performance management system and to make long term cooperation with our employees.

Our other principles are listed below.

Choosing and assigning appropriate qualified persons to the appropriate job,
Believe in the power of team work to carry out our work and we take our decisions with the understanding,
To provide a working environment where all employees of our company can use their capabilities and increase their efficiency.
To implement performance systems that encourage and reward success.

The success of our company depends on the creativity of each of our employees, their ability to express their ideas freely in a free environment, to do their jobs and to their performances. Special attention is therefore given to performance management.

Educated and well prepared, open to innovations and changes, entrepreneurial and energetic, we will be happy to see ourselves and the individuals who will work to improve their business.

You can send your resume to info@cakirbaytekstil.com for your job applications.

All applications will be kept confidential.